Personal Loan

Personal Loan also known as Consumer Loan can be defined as the loan granted for fulfillment of personal, family or household responsibilities. They are different to business or commercial loans as the underlying reason is not related to your professional activities but some domestic need. This type of loans are given on all scales and the terms vary according to the lending agency and the customer’s reputation. Personal Loans can be secured or unsecured. Repayment method is the common one where fixed installments are paid monthly for a fixed duration.

In case of secured loans, any asset of the borrower is pledged against the funds he receive. This means that, if a borrower fails to pay the loan back, that asset can be claimed from him as a compensation. For example, you need immediate cash due to some medical issues but you own a property which you do not want to sell at that moment of time, you can get loan by showing that property as a guarantee. This also helps in getting a lower interest rate as the lender is sure he will be getting his money back.

Unsecured personal loans are more common but higher interest rates accompany such loans. The reason for higher rates is that there is no particular asset that can be claimed. The plus-point of such loans for borrower is that no asset is linked in your loan contract hence, the lender can make a general claim but not against any particular asset you own. The factors that are considered while offering an unsecured personal loan include borrower’s credit history and his/her ability to pay the loan back in light of their personal income. Credibility of the borrower is an extremely vital point is such cases. This type of loans serve a very critical purpose of narrowing the gap between different sections of the society as people can be helped at the hour of need.

Healthy Loans Australia believes in helping people out and making world a much more desirable place to live. That’s why we provide loans at the best rates in the market. The sole purpose of this is to ensure that the borrower must not feel over-burdened by the installments. Secondly, it must not disrupt the regular expenses of the borrower. Considering these factors, we provide rates as low as 3.69. We do offer small term loans as well where the borrower wants to pay off the loan much quicker. We also offer cash back facility where customers can get their money back in case the value of their asset increases. The cash back goes up to $1500.00.

We aim to provide customer satisfaction by deploying loan plans that are the best in the market. Life is full of ups and downs and everyone needs someone to help them out in their bad times. Healthy Homes wants to be that friend on whom you can rely in such times.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.