Car Loan

Car loan can be defined as the loan given by the lender to the borrower which is then used to pay for car. This loan is to be paid back during the loan term alongside some interest. The interest is commonly known as finance charge.The trend of getting cars on loan started quite a long ago but it has exaggerated in the last 10 to 12 years.As banks became more and more important to our lives, they started taking interest in our daily life needs. As the demand of loan for cars increased, more financial parties took interest and it transformed into an industry. People approved it and it flourished with time.

Healthy Loans Australia is the place for all the people who are interested in getting a car on loan. We offer remarkable policies and extraordinary interest rates. We provide cheaper interest rates and ideal loan term at one place and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We deal in both consumer and commercial car loans. We possess astrong lending system due to which each customer has multiple options to choose from. Another factor that is pretty time-consuming is the documentation needed for car loans. We are aware of the hassle to be done before getting your hands on the cash and that’s why we offer car loans for ABN holders.

Car Loans for ABN Holders

ABN Holders can get car loans without extensive documentation that is needed otherwise. They receive low doc loans which means that only basic documentation is needed for getting a loan. In some rare cases, no doc loans are also sanctioned but you need tohave all the luck on your side for this to happen.

Consumer Car Loans

One of many cases where such a loan proves very useful is when a startup owner needs a car loan. Many new startups lack the complete information of their employees. He may also not have proper payment details or the income tax has not been filed till now.These are the situations where we provide our customers with a low doc loan.

Commercial Car Loans

Healthy Loans Australia considers it our responsibility to facilitate our valued customers in every possible way.Following this lead, we provide commercial loans as well to our ABN holders. ABN holders can get commercial car loans in a number of ways. Commercial Hire Purchase is the 1st in that list. The company purchases the car and leases it to the borrower. Fixed-rate regular payments are needed in this case. The ownership of the car remains with the company till all the loan has been paid back. Another popular method is Chattel mortgage. In this method, company gives the money and borrower buys his/her car. The loan is then returned alongside interest but the ownership stays with the borrower all the time unlike the previous case. All these efforts show our dedication to make your lives a better one.

The CARS we drive say a lot about us. (Alexandra Paul)