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Looking to get Home Loan, Car Loan or Business Loan ? Want to live in your dream Home ? Ever thought of checking your current Interest rate ? Need assistance about review Mortgage interest rate ? Healthy Loans Australia is the organisation you always wanted in your lives. We have answers to all these queries. The major categories of our work include:

We offer professional services in the field of planning through highly-qualified and experienced professionals of the industry. We offer loans at better rates for all your problems. Our lenders interest rates start from as low as 2.09%. Other than that we offer cash back facility that goes up to $4,000.00. The interest rate and loan term is flexible and are finalised after discussion with each client subject to comparison rate and lender acceptance. Multiple options available.

Customer satisfaction is the major goal of our organization. The network of 50+ lenders enable us to provide multiple solutions to each problem. If you are looking for good rates and an outstanding experience, we are right here. We promise competitive rates, expert advice & a hassle-free service to all of our customers.

Home Loan

Home Loan is the loan given to acquire your own house. There are multiple ways of obtaining such a loan like down-payment and installments.

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Business Loan

The basic ingredient of any business is an adequate amount of capital. A Business Loan is a loan given to a company or a startup for carrying out their business activities.

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Car Loan

Car loan can be defined as the loan given by the lender to the borrower which is then used to pay for car. Commercial Car Loan rates starts from 3.75% fixed.

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Why do people choose us?

Why to use a mortgage broker ?

There are a wide range of mortgage products out there and it can be very confusing to try and compare them all. A Mortgage Broker will help to navigate through the options by explaining the differences between products and help the borrower to choose a loan that suits their specific needs. Once a product is chosen, a Mortgage Broker will make sure that things happen on time and the borrower will be fully informed for each and every step of the way.

Do we charge fee ?

We do not charge a fee for our service. We get a commission paid by the lender.

Trained Professionals

We are a group of trained professionals. So you don’t have to worry about professionalism.


Your privacy is our first concern. We will keep in mind to respect your personal sentiments.

Access To Lenders

We have access to more than 50 Lenders.

Low Docs Loans

We do have Various Low Docs options available for someone who haven't finalised the Tax Returns yet.

Best Advisors

One of the best advisors available in the market right now for giving you right advise about query.

Better Rates

We offer best possible rates to our clients so that our clients have to pay minimum interest over their mortgage and can save more money for future. Our Aim to save Interest for our clients.

Helping Small Businesses

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Happy Customers

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We have access to more than 50 Lenders.